How To Make Flowers Last Longer?

It’s a harsh reality of the circle of life: Flowers aren’t meant to last.However, thanks to chemistry, you can help them live just a bit longer.To keep cut flowers fresh, you’ve got to fight the flower’s healthy aging processes.Plants have a straw-like system called xylem to transport water using surface tension. When the stems are […]

Transplanting Daffodils

Here we’re going to learn all about transplanting daffodils.Now, daffodils are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring.Daffodils so beautiful, and they come in so many gorgeous colors, and shapes, and sizes, and there are short ones and tall ones. And they can be forced inside in the winter.They can be planted […]

White wedding flowers

Where is such a wide array of white that’s available all year round that certainly you can count on white in any season.The trick is to open your mind a little bit and to consider also ivory shades and to consider white in all its various hues.Sometimes I have a bride who will come to me and […]