Top 5 largest gardens that requires an electric scooter

There are small and big gardens across this planet decorated with beautiful flowers, trees and bushes. Some are greater than others and that’s not just their size, these gardens are almost like parks in which you often do not stroll around. Here you use electric vehicles like scooters, golf carts and in some cases Segways. […]

ORCHID CARE: TOP 5 Orchids for Beginners and Tips to BLOOM Them.

Hi everyone, welcome back to my post.I have made up a list of my top five beginner orchids that I think anyone was just getting into orchids should look into these five.Starting with the fifth one, we are going to be talking about Cymbidium’s.Cymbidiums are a wonderful orchid. It’s an orchid that’s on the large side so […]

How To Make Flowers Last Longer?

It’s a harsh reality of the circle of life: Flowers aren’t meant to last.However, thanks to chemistry, you can help them live just a bit longer.To keep cut flowers fresh, you’ve got to fight the flower’s healthy aging processes.Plants have a straw-like system called xylem to transport water using surface tension. When the stems are […]