My experience as a buyer of orchids

First, because if you let yourself be carried away and buy a lot of orchids, you see and like for the first time, you’ll end up spending a lot of money in orchids you could find a better price elsewhere. Second, large nurseries, in fact, offer orchids that you will not find elsewhere.

As customers here Šestan not so obsessed with identification and are driven more by appearance (flower) identified orchids belong to a niche market, so it’s better to pay the price of a strong guarantee.
In the flea markets, you have to look carefully.

There are many exotic orchids that cannot survive in your environment and can come without roots or full of diseases and pests, so you should choose not only an orchid you like but a large enough so it can withstand the stress of being introduced to your environment.

And if you fail to take care of, the seller could replace it, but then different orchid, because they do not have enough ‘stock’ to offer many specimens of the same class.

Then at the end you could lose your beautiful orchid but sick anyway.

On the other hand, if you get an orchid tired of a large nursery in an exhibition, you could have the options available to contact them, assistance and even a replacement of the same specimen in better condition.

In general, you have to choose nurseries with good image and communication channels.
Once you become your customers, they will never let you go.
I hope you have learned a little more about my experience buying orchids! Maybe we could exchange our EXPERIENCES as customers for we make right decisions as we build our collection.

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