ORCHID CARE: TOP 5 Orchids for Beginners and Tips to BLOOM Them.

Hi everyone, welcome back to my post.
I have made up a list of my top five beginner orchids that I think anyone was just getting into orchids should look into these five.
Starting with the fifth one, we are going to be talking about Cymbidium’s.
Cymbidiums are a wonderful orchid.

It’s an orchid that’s on the large side so it’s hard to have a house full of them. But they have beautiful strappy Leaves, and flowers bloom in the middle of winter when you need them the most.

Next on the list is Cattleya Orchids, Cattleya Orchids are beautifully easy to grow orchids.
These flowers are not meant inside the house on the windowsill, or under lights in the house. These are grown in warmer temperatures, the trick to getting this tore bloom is in the springtime or the summertime When the Bulbs are mature, you want to give them a slight drop in temperature. So keep them outside in the summertime, as long as it’s nice in your area and that should Stimulate flower growth for the fall.

Number three, number three for me is on Oncidiums and all their hybrids.
Oncidiums are fantastic orchids they are easy to grow. They are very temperature tolerant they can take nighttime lows down into the 50s, and they can take room temperature as well. You can put them in a sunny east or west facing the window, Keep them out of direct noonday sun through the plain glass. Oncidiums flower on the newest bulb, so once that bulb is fully mature, you want to give it a slight chill in temperature, maybe five or 10°. So if the room is 70 try to bring it down to 65° and that should stimulate flowers for you.

And number two on the list is Dendrobium Phalaenopsis.
Dendrobium Phalaenopsis are beautiful orchids. They flower two or three times a year. They flower off Old canes, and they take very little night time drop in temperature to get them to rebloom off those old canes. They always seem to be in growth, and it always seems to be in Spike or flower.

And the number one favorite orchid that I think all beginners should start out with.
It is a Phalaenopsis orchid or a moth orchid.They are beautiful orchids, very easy to grow, come and all kinds of colors. Anything from white and purple to mixed oranges and speckles anything you can imagine. They come in all sizes, like the minis here.
And they come in large sizes as well. Something That is going to fit into anybody’s home, they don’t take much light, They don’t take much care, water them just as they’re approaching dryness and they’re going to do the rest for you.
So anyways guys, that is my list of great orchids for beginners.
Remember that list goes, number five Is Cymbidiums; number four is cattleyas, third is Oncidiums and their hybrids. Number two is Dendrobium Phalaenopsis and the number one orchid that I think I’ll beginners should start out with is going to be the regular moss orchid or the Phalaenopsis orchid.
Anyways, guys, I hope you enjoy those tips.

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